Tire Rotation

Do you really need to rotate your tires? Yes you do! Even tire wear will extend the lifespan of your tires and improve the safety of you vehicle. Rotating your tires each time you change your oil is vital in keeping them wearing evenly. 

Quick and Safe Solutions

At our auto repair shop, we are equipped with modern equipment and also we have an expert team that is experienced to handle any kind of vehicle repair and maintenance task. Once you employ us as your tire rotation service provider, our skilled employees will put our tools and their experience to test and ensure they give you high quality outcomes that are extremely appealing with your vehicle needs.

Why your tires wear unevenly

The amount of weight on the front and back of you vehicle is different, and is even different at each tire. This uneven weight distribution can cause the tires to wear unevenly and decrease the safety of your vehicle.


Did you know that it’s safer to have tires with less tread on the back of a front wheel drive car? Contact us to find out more and get your questions answered today!

Have an All Wheel Drive (AWD) Vehicle?

Did you know you can damage your car if your AWD vehicle has mismatching tires? Contact us to find out more!

Local Tire Dealer

Did you find some tires online at tire rack? Get them installed here! If you’d like, we can also recommend, order, and install (mount, balance, and alignment) any tires you’d like! We are a full service tire retailer and installer.

Save time

Come to Wilson’s Auto Repair for an oil change and tire rotation or replacement. We do the hard work for you, fast! Our ASE certified technicians will have you back on the road safely in no time.