The cooling system of a vehicle ensures that the engine does not overheat during operation. Modern cars are cooled by a mixture of water and antifreeze and corrosion inhibitor. Timely radiator maintenance and repair will reduce the cost of ownership of your car and improve safety. At Wilson’s Auto Repair, our ASE certified technicians can inspect, find, and repair any issues you may be having with your radiator.

When is a radiator repair required?

A radiator repair is necessary when an unusually high temperature occurs. This is typically referred to as “overheating” and it’s very likely that there is a temperature sensor somewhere near your speedometer. Other factors, such as dirt in the radiator, or the outside temperature play a role in radiator problems that are more difficult to detect. A meaningful sign of damage can also be unusually high consumption of coolant which is typically seen in a radiator with a leak.

Radiator repair – how do we do it?

First, the radiator is checked carefully. If the check reveals that the damage is minor, radiator sealant can be used to close the damaged area. It should be noted, however, that radiator repair is recommended only for small and obvious defects. If the damage is extensive or its magnitude can not be fully estimated, it is often cheaper to completely change the radiator. The reason lies in the workload associated with a radiator repair. In many cases, the cost of the repair work is just as much as the cost of the materials.


Great care is needed during repair and replacement because the cooling system is under considerable pressure. The water used to cool the engine is contaminated with chemicals and can reach extremely high temperatures. Therefore, the pressure of the cooling system should be carefully lowered before work can begin. It is therefore advisable to always consult a specialist to have the car radiator repaired.

Choosing the proper coolant

When the ASE certified professional at Wilson’s Auto Repair fills the coolant after the radiator repair, the proper coolant is used and it is refilled to the optimum level. If the new coolant does not exactly meet the manufacturer’s requirements, it can not optimally fulfill its task. Faulty cooling performance can cause significant engine damage.

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