The exhaust system of your car has many important tasks to perform. It filters harmful substances from the combustion exhaust gases and directs the exhaust gases to the outside of the vehicle. In addition to reducing pollutant emissions, the system also reduces noise emissions when the exhaust gases escape. An intact and well-functioning exhaust system also ensures moderate fuel consumption for your car.

Call us now and make an appointment for an exhaust service. Our exhaust maintenance consists of several elements. These include:

  1. Exhaust manifold
  2. Y-branch pipe
  3. Catalytic converter or particulate filter
  4. Lambda sensor
  5. Middle silencer
  6. Muffler
  7. Tail pipe

The catalytic converter and the lambda probe are responsible for filtering the exhaust gases. The muffler ensures that the vehicle is as quiet as possible on the road. Neglecting the exhaust system can actually put parts at risk to be lost entirely.

Why does the exhaust system need to be maintained?

There are various elements that can affect an exhaust system. These include in temperature fluctuations between the exhaust gases inside the system and the much cooler outside temperatures, especially in the rear area of the system where the exhaust gases have already cooled noticeably. Condensation of the moisture contained in the exhaust gases can occur. Like all metal parts that come into contact with moisture, the exhaust system is susceptible to rust. A rusted exhaust system or the resulting holes can lead to a higher noise emission and decreased engine performance. A further danger is that exhaust gases penetrate into the vehicle interior. To prevent this, we recommend that you routinely check the exhaust system and its parts and repair or replace any damaged parts immediately.

Another reason for a regular exhaust service is that the exhaust system is subject to vibration. The exhaust line is quite long and is suspended underneath the vehicle. The vibrations that the running engine transmits to this system can damage the silencers and cause vibration cracks at the welding seams. Even normal driving can cause damage: just one incidental contact with the ground is enough to damage the entire system. Winters in Ohio expose the exhaust system to road salt, moisture, low temperatures, and potholes. Only a regular check of your vehicle exhaust system will prevent minor defects from becoming full-blown catastrophes.

Services offered at Wilson’s Auto Repair

Have the exhaust and all exhaust parts of your vehicle checked in our workshop:

  1. We check the exhaust system of your vehicle for damage
  2. Removal and replacement of damaged and worn exhaust parts (mufflers, rear silencers, clamps and other accessories
  3. After the necessary parts have been installed, we professionally test the system to make sure that it’s one hundred percent leak-proof
  4. The old or worn parts of the exhaust are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

With our exhaust service, you are guaranteed to play it safe. Don’t let the conditions of the Ohio roads cause unseen damage underneath your car. Bring it in today to be inspected and be back on the road in no time.