Car Air Conditioner

Black Death

We’re not talking about the deadly plague, but we are talking about something that can make you miserable. Imagine a hot day in July and your AC stops working. Inside the compressor, refrigerant breaks down. Refrigerant is similar to motor oil, so imagine your engine running with bad motor bad, same thing here. Parts in the compressor start to wear, from there, metal particles created during compressor breakdown travel through the rest of your A/C system, and start to destroy everything. Before you know it, all cold air will be long gone.

It’s no fun being stuck without air conditioning on a hot summer day, but air conditioning is more than just comfort; it provides safety too. One of the most dangerous places for someone to be during a heat wave is inside of a car without AC.

Your air conditioning system is made up of a compressor, a condenser, an evaporator (or drier), refrigeration lines, and a couple of sensors here and there. Our ASE certified technicians at Wilson’s Auto Repair can troubleshoot your air conditioner and get it back up and running. The 6 most common AC issues are:

  1. Leaking refrigerant
  2. Bad compressor
  3. Broken condenser
  4. Blocked/clogged condenser
  5. Faulty cooling fans
  6. Electrical issues

Don’t get stuck in a hot car this summer. Come in today if your AC isn’t blowing ice hold air (or isn’t blowing at all). Sometimes we can patch things up before they get too bad. If the entire system needs overhauled, we can do that too. Come in today and beat the Black Death!